cd – Segmente

David Tronzo (slide guitar)
Peter Herbert (acoustic bass)
AZM 1001

music for theatre
total time 69:02

All music by David Tronzo (SESAC) and Peter Herbert (SESAC/AKM Austria), except Honey Knife by David Tronzo and Kosmos special by Peter Herbert.

Segmente contains selections of live to 2-track recordings (approximately 3 hours total of music), from concerts that took place in Europe during 1997.  A fresh musical start is documented on this CD. Best described perhaps as acoustic ambient music, the Tronzo/Herbert duo walks a highly energized tightrope which draws the audience into the visceral ‚experience‘ of great live music making.

Price: US Orders $15.00 Price: European Orders €18.00
Shipping and Handling €3.00 for first CD, €1.00 for each additional CD

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