1Neige Graves 01:06 P. Herbert
2Moons 07:55 Jean Charles Richard
3Psalmba 08:16 C.Culpo
4Kurz 06:06 P. Herbert
55 Paper Doves 05:02 C. Culpo
6Enveiling And Unveiling 07:39 C. Culpo
7Florès 05:39 J.C. Richard
8Love & Bananas Are Here 05:42
C. Culpo
9Canto Atmosferico 04:11 C. Culpo
10Culpobility 05:14 C. Culpo
11Actus Tragicus 04:59 P. Herbert
Total 61:57

Christopher Culpo piano
Jean Charles Richard saxophone
Peter Herbert double bass
Jean Charles Richard plays Selmer saxophones
Peter Herbert uses an AKG C2000 microphone and Thomastik Spirocore strings
Many thanks to : Louis Morel l’Horset, Philippe Racine, Isabelle d’Arpiany and Hugo Guffanti of the
Maison de la Musique à Nanterre, Zoë Knights, Gwen Sampé and of course Ollie.
Recorded at Maison de la Musique Nanterre July 5 & 6, 2004 by Etienne Bultingaire.
Mixed by Etienne
Bultingaire, graphic design by Pete Jeffs, photography by Guy Tillim.


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